Lift me up!

Claustrophobia, anxiety and fear are one of the many reasons why some do not want to use a lift in a hospital or in a shopping centre. If this is given a chance, I hope they can incorporate the idea where the user will have the connection to control temperature, manipulate light and a contactless vital monitoring for the countless reasons of fight or flight response that could occur.
Everyone reacts to anxiety differently regardless of age, because everyone has different anxiety causes, biochemistry, symptoms, and more. In the event of a panic attacks, the lift will be able to detect the user’s mood and vitals. It will then alert medical assistance on their behalf and stop in the next level.
Intercoms already exist but if it can have a guaranteed telecommunications service like video call, they can connect not only to the lift operator on the ground or medical assistance but also to their loved ones to share the experience. To make it more personalised, it will have a multi-language support system to better understand the voice commands and thoughts of every user. It will also be able to understand & demystify languages to cut down barriers, make them feel at home & make it truly global!
Now, all you need to do is step in, relax, talk in any language you like, and it will lift you up!